Demos and the purpose they “should” serve

Posted: October 17, 2010 by Tim Utley in Editorials

I would like to meet the person responsible for creating the videogame demo.  It serves such a wonderful purpose, being able to try something before you buy it.  What a great concept right?  Demos have taken many forms over the years such as physical media (Pizza Hut demos remember those?) and the now the new standard, digital delivery.


Had to do it sorry


But one thing about demos that has always pissed me off is that dreaded line “This Demo does not represent the final build/quality of the product”.  What the F#@K?  My question to developers and publishers alike are why not wait until you have a finished product to release a demo.  This might not guarantee quality because the game could suck anyways, but when a consumer such as myself goes to make a purchase they are not relying on an earlier build or unfinished version of a game.  Contrary to popular demand videogames have never been cheap and probably never will be, but when we live in an age where distributing content is only a click away why not give the consumer a polished trial of a product that your company has dedicated a significant amount of time to.  Videogame demos “should” be just like previewing an album you want to buy.  When you preview a song in a store or online you are hearing a finished product correct, not some un-mastered and under produced piece of shit.  So I ask why videogame companies don’t put forth the same amount of effort.  I will end my rant with this, the videogame demo as saturated as it has become still serves a higher purpose, and that is to sell a consumer on your product, so take the time and make it right.


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