DLC rarity???

Posted: October 17, 2010 by Tim Utley in News and Updates

With the advent of DLC (downloadable content) sweeping this generation of consoles we have been given a bevy of entertainment that is only a click away.  But DLC is something that is inherently infinite in terms of quantity.  There isn’t scarcity or any other quantifiable limit to how many times a title can be downloaded.  Licensing and legal agreements say otherwise.

Outrun Online Arcade is a title that will soon ascend to the unheard of ranks of DLC rarity.  Sega’s licensing agreement with the Italian performance car manufacturer Ferrari has come to an end and this title has been already withdrawn from the PSN (Playstation Network) and has for the time being become an Xbox 360 exclusive.  With that being said its reign of exclusivity on the 360 will be short lived as well, being that it is to be removed as of December 2011.


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