My Review Scale

Posted: October 17, 2010 by Tim Utley in Reviews

I will be trying to review games occasionally and when i do i want you the reader to actually understand my ratings scale.  I will be rating graphics, gameplay, replayability, and presentation each with an explanation for their respective score.  In conjunction to the aforementioned criteria i will be giving each title i review an overall score (don’t worry it will not be an average of the scores).  Here is what the scale will represent semantically.

0-1 Why does this exist? (Garbage)

2-3 Still Awful (Bad)

4-5 Playable but not enjoyable (Disappointing)

6-7 Scratching the surface of greatness (Fair)

8-9 Game of the Year Nominee (Great)

10 Absolute Perfection (Excellent)

Another thing i want to accomplish is reviewing games within their respective contexts.  For example if a game is deliberately trying to portray a retro style i will not diminish or poorly grade the game because i am aware of the art direction and what the game is trying to accomplish through its chosen style.

Lastly this scale is not permanent like most things in life and i want to be able to serve the readers to the best of my ability, so if you the reader have any suggestions to make this better please feel free to tell me, because in the end its information like this that helps us refrain or pull that proverbial trigger on a purchase.

  1. Trevor says:

    How does Robocop fall under the 2-3 scale? I know it isn’t quite Carmageddon shitty but it isn’t that much better.

  2. Ryan says:

    As fantastic as Uncharted is, I think Symphony of the Night is the face of Absolute Perfection.

  3. Ryan says:

    Also, I like the Kane & Lynch nod. Much better game than it gets credit for.

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