Review: Crossfire (XBLA Indie Game)

Posted: October 17, 2010 by Tim Utley in Reviews

Crossfire is one of two indie offerings from Radiangames on the XBL (Xbox Live).  Having dabbled with arcade shooters in the past i found a lot of comfort in how familiar (not a bad thing) Crossfire was to some predecessors of the genre, most noticeably Space Invaders.

Crossfire is a fixed 2 rail shooter that blends together game play elements from Space Invaders with the speed and graphical flair of Geometry Wars.  You have the ability to jump from the bottom to the top and vice versa in order to defeat the waves of enemies you encounter.  While this might seem like a redundant attribute to have in a game  Crossfire has implemented it so effectively that it really makes the game play more intense and strategic.  There are enemies you encounter in Crossfire are only vulnerable from a particular direction.  For instance their is a particular enemy that looks like a mini jet engine and this enemy can only take damage and be destroyed by firing at the enclosed section of the enemy (just try and visualize it).  The 2 rail system can be used to your advantage also because certain enemies will change direction and during that grace period you are free to obliterate them.

A glimpse of what to expect from Crossfire

Crossfire does a lot of things right, but that is not to say that the game is perfect.  Crossfire is an arcade shooter while fun and very addictive will most likely have non-shooter fans screaming obscenities at their televisions and maybe pile-driving a controller or two.  The game starts off very easy to adjust the player to the game’s mechanics but in the higher levels and with the introduction of new enemy types those who lack patience will find that this game is probably not for them.  This game tested my patience on several occasions but i was able to pull through and finish the game.

Crossfire has a surprising amount of content for an Indie game.  The game has 50 levels (with some being more challenging than others), “Megawave” mode which is unlocked after completing the game is a high score survival mode comprised of the games 50 levels, and lastly “Turbo” mode which is the same levels but everything is given an injection of caffeine.

Gameplay Footage –

The Final Verdict

Graphics – For an indie game these visuals far exceed anything i have encountered from any other XBL Indie offering

Gameplay – Fast, fun, and tight controls make this a very easy game to play but hard to master

Replayability – 50 levels to blast through including two auxiliary modes to test your wits, for the price lots to comeback to, and an overall fun way to kill free time

Presentation – The menus are shiny,sleek, and to the point, but are nothing that will blow your socks off, you can get to where you need to go with great ease

Final Thoughts:

If you are looking for an arcade shooter that will be fun, addictive, and challenging simultaneously look no further than Crossfire.  If you are on the fence you can always check out the trial version.  For being an Indie Game it far exceeded my expectations and i hope that Radiangames will continue to publish more offerings will this level of quality.

Rating – 8.1 out of 10 (Great)

Recommended Buy Price – $1 (come on its only a dollar)

I purchased this game on the XBL Indie Game server for 80 MSP ($1).  Played through to completion and invested around 3 hours into the game.


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