Motion Gaming, is this really the future?

Posted: October 19, 2010 by Tim Utley in Editorials

Just as 3D is becoming more pervasive in today’s cinema, motion gaming is penetrating the home console market with force.  Motion gaming had been relegated only to arcades with such machines such as Konami’s Police 911 and Mocap Boxing.  These machines at the time used revolutionary motion tracking technology to capture the user’s movement and then would simulate those movements as onscreen characters.  As time went on and the arcade market stateside started to dwindle the industry had to wonder how would this tech be implemented for future use.

Police 911, for those who like looking like morons in the arcade

Mocap Boxing, the original Motion Boxing Game

Enter the Nintendo Wii.  Nintendo decided to take a backseat role in the HD Wars/Revolution and do something to set them apart from the competition.  Clever idea because when you are in competition it is best to be different than compete.  Gaming would never be the same.

This started a Revolution, but dropped the name

The Wii enjoyed a lack of competition in motion gaming until now.  Sony and Microsoft wanted a piece of the pie.  Enter Sony’s Playstation Move and Microsoft’s Kinect.


Microsoft's Kinect, Controller-less gaming

Playstation Move, looks awfully familiar

Microsoft and Sony have both commented that they were not planning on developing new hardware until around 2015.  This generation of systems would break the usual 5 year plan and usher in a longer life cycle for their respective consoles.  So with no new systems on the horizon motion gaming was implemented to fill that void.  Sorry guys i think you are a day late and a dollar short.  Playstation Move having been in circulation for about a month and has been receiving modest reviews and has reported consumer interest also through modest sales, but Sony’s attempt is a complete and utter duplication of Nintendo Wii’s accessories.  The Navigation controller is the same thing as a Nunchuck and the Move controller is the SAME thing as a Wii remote and instead of having a sensor bar they are using the Playstation Eye.  Did you even try to think of something original?  Peripherals aside, the software currently available for Move (minus games that are now supporting Move functionality) are all dog shit with the exception of Sports Champions (Wow are you starting to notice a trend here?).  Playstation Move is a sad attempt to expand their market and be more like the Wii.  Sony you have a great console and a very loyal fanbase and you sold them all down the river so you could make KUNG FU RIDERS.

Moving on to Microsoft’s Kinect.  This hardware addition for the Xbox 360 will give users the ability to control games with their bodies.  No controllers necessary.  At least this is different, but stupid nonetheless.  Having 17 titles planned for launch is no joke, but when 75% of them are fucking workout games who gives a shit.  Zumba Fitness, what the fuck?  Kinectimals, are you fucking high?  Lets make Nintendogs on steroids, that sounds like a great idea, wait lets make a collectors edition too, wow we are geniuses.  If i may do a George Carlin add lib “Fuck Kinect, Kinect Sucks”.

The way games are meant to be played

Call me cynical, but i prefer old fashioned.  Videogames are meant to be played with controllers.  Ones that have buttons that actually perform useful functions.  Not shaking and flailing like a seizure victim in your living room.  I don’t plan to stop gaming anytime soon, but i will not be partaking in this shit until i see something worthy of my time.


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