What I expect from Fable 3

Posted: October 23, 2010 by Tim Utley in News and Updates

Ever since Peter Molyneux announced Fable for the original Xbox i have had high expectations for the the franchise.  Fable was promised as being an evolving narrative that was constructed around the player’s actions.  For the most part Molyneux lived up to that, but the game wasn’t really as unique as he claimed.  With a relatively linear narrative with a few moral decisions to be made along the way it provided a standard action-rpg experience (and an enjoyable one at that).  But with most of the original features being cut from the first title it really cried out for a sequel.  Enter Fable 2, Molyneux’s second outing on a Microsoft platform.  Fable 2 did incorporate some of the missing components from Fable, but the experience for me wasn’t as enjoyable as the first.  I invested a significant amount of time into Fable 2, but most quests and duties to perform were not entertaining as much as they were laborious.  The online co-op allowed for another friend to join your quest, but their character was not their own, but a generic character.  Valiant effort Molyneux, but the whole point of questing with a friend is to experience the adventure with “our” own unique variations of Sparrow.

How will you rule Albion?

Aside from the shortcomings of Fable 2, Fable 3 is on the horizon (3 days) and i hope for a more invigorating outing from Molyneux’s third entry into the series.  I am interested to check out the new and tighter combat system implemented in Fable 3 and also the cinematic set pieces that seem to happen frequently (I like story elements that are  presented formally, Fable 2 didn’t accomplish that for me).  Another thing that i am excited for is Molyneux’s promise of a truly unique world for each player.  By that i mean that your actions will not only shape a communities vision or feelings toward you, but your actions will now actually shape the world you are living in.  If you decide to be an Industrial Titan your world will look dirty and the people will look like they just got off  an 18 shift at a factory.  Or the opposite and you decide to be a benevolent ruler and your land looks pristine and everyone is frolicking around without a care in the world.  Lastly is the revamped co-op feature that was botched in Fable 2.  Now when you enter a friends world you will be entering not only what they have done with their world, but you will be also representing your presence with your character not a generic hero.  Molyneux has promised big things for this upcoming title and i really hope that my next trip into Albion will be a more enjoyable one.


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