Media Achievements…maybe?

Posted: October 27, 2010 by Tim Utley in Editorials

Food for thought

With the advent of the gamerscore Microsoft made people actually give a shit about finishing games or trying different parts of titles to get a more fulfilling experience.  The gamerscore not only represents bragging rights for gamers worldwide it also represents how agoraphobic you are.  But the gamerscore has only been relegated to accomplishing certain feats in videogames.  Don’t get me wrong i love getting me some gamerscore points after a good romp through a game, but just imagine if you could get credit for everything else you do.

Media Achievements could be the next wave of excellence to hit the Xbox 360.  The media achievements would independent of your gamerscore as its not gaming related.  You would have a separate score that would be displayed under your gamerscore.  You could unlock achievements for having a certain amount of songs in your music library or syncing up a Zune device for extra functionality.  Just imagine getting rewarded with mediascore points for viewing an entire season of your favorite show on Netflix or listening to Last.Fm for an hour straight without changing the channel.  Microsoft has all these great media options available on the Xbox 360 and i believe that the implementation of such an idea would definitely create a greater desire to use these options.  So think about it Microsoft, because giving gamers more incentive to use your products will only benefit you more in the long run.


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