Being wrong has never been so much Fun

Posted: November 19, 2010 by Tim Utley in Editorials

Microsoft's Kinect, Controller-less gaming

Most people don’t like being wrong, but for me it usually is an enlightening experience.  A little over a month ago I wrote an article bashing Microsoft and Sony’s entry into motion gaming.  I have had a chance to use both new interfaces over the past month.  My sentiments about Sony’s Move hasn’t changed, it is still just a Wii knockoff in high-definition.  On the other hand Microsoft’s Kinect delivered a completely new gaming experience to me.  I was pleasantly surprised with how fun the Kinect was.  I took Kinect Adventures and Dance Central for a spin and enjoyed every minute of it.

Move over DDR

As it stands right now Kinect won’t appeal to everyone, but for those who are looking for something different will find something truly unique.  Not only was I impressed with the software I played, but the new interface for the Xbox 360 Dashboard was something that I was very impressed with.  The new Kinect integration is the closest thing to Minority Report that we will see in gaming for years to come.  Simple and fluid hand gestures is all it takes to navigate the Kinect Hub.  The voice recognition software is incredibly accurate, but the thing that stole the show for me was Kinect’s facial recognition software.  After you set up a Kinect ID, you can simply walk in front of your Kinect and it signs you into Xbox Live.  You might be thinking that the facial recognition is finicky, but it is creepily accurate.  A friend and myself took turns walking on and off camera to test its precision and it didn’t hiccup once.  My only remaining gripe with Kinect is the amount of space it requires.  With a required minimum of 6 feet in front of your television it will be some time before I can pick this hardware add-on up.

I was wrong about Kinect and will probably be wrong about many other things in the future.  I don’t regret writing my article because at the time I had an opinion and a poorly formed one at that.  The beauty of being wrong is you get a chance to make it right.  I hope i did Kinect justice with this follow-up.  If you have had a chance to play Kinect or have an opinion on it provide some feedback in the comments section.


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