Videogame Buffet…How hungry are you?

Posted: November 23, 2010 by Tim Utley in Editorials

The title of this article might be slightly misleading so let me clarify things quickly for you.  Videogames follow an evolutionary life cycle like most other forms of art.  The next cycle that we will be encountering is one where videogames come packaged to us incomplete for the lack of a better term.  This might sound terrifying to most, but I believe this come as a remedy to those to don’t utilize games to their fullest extent.

Most gamers including myself don’t always get their moneys worth out of a game.  Some will only play a game’s single player portion or only partake in a games online multiplayer.  Any way you swing it, you are not getting what you pay for.  So why not pay less and buy up to what you will use.

Ushering in a new era of gaming

In a recent press release from THQ, they will be pioneering this new frontier of videogames.  Their first title to do so will be their newest entry into the MX vs. ATV franchise.  The game will hit retail at a lower price point (rumor has it between $30-$40).  If you are content with the “content” on the disc at purchase you have what could be an enjoyable experience without any extraneous features.  But for those who want online multiplayer or more content for their single player experience will have the option to purchase that content that will more than likely already be available on the disc (a la Resident Evil 5).

This could be huge for the industry because with Gamestop’s stronghold on the used game market publishers are looking for a way to push more new copies of their titles.  Gamers usually gravitate towards used games because they are the same product for a cheaper price and sometimes get them even cheaper through discount cards or promotions.  But that could all be solved with this new strategy.  Imagine with the next installment in the Call of Duty franchise you could get the game brand new for $30 dollars just because all you want is the multiplayer.  Or with the next installment of Bioshock you could say screw the multiplayer I just want the single player experience.  This strategy of the digital buffet will become the norm with videogames mark my word.  These companies are not oblivious to what there customers do with their games.  Activision knows that a large majority of the people that play Call of Duty will never step foot into a single campaign mission.  This trend will take time to catch on, but when it does be prepared to see a lot of companies following in THQ’s footsteps.


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