Do you love free Games?

Posted: December 9, 2010 by Tim Utley in Editorials

Free anything usually gets my attention, but free games demand it.  As of yesterday on the Xbox Live Arcade two new games became available for download for free.  They are presented by Doritos’s Snack Strong Productions and I believe they are contest winners as well.  They are Harms Way and Crash Course.


Harms Way = Budget Destruction Racing
Crash Course, MXC meets Ninja Warrior meets American Gladiators

Harms Way is a destruction racing title that is an homage to Motor Storm, Split Second, and a little Twisted Metal thrown in there.  With single player races, a campaign, and Xbox Live support this is a title that has a lot of potential for its first entry.  The title also has Achievement support.  What I have played of Harms Way I have enjoyed.  The game has solid graphics, controls, and mechanics that could definitely warrant a sequel in the future.  If you are a casual or hardcore fan of alternative racing games I recommend checking this title out.

Now onto Crash Course.  This game is a blast to play.  I was a bit apprehensive at first because I have played several bad Indie games with Avatars as your characters, but when I stepped into Crash Course for the first time I knew that this game was going to be enjoyable.  Crash Course is a platformer where you must navigate obstacle courses in a preset time in order to be awarded a medal.  The courses are fun and challenging simultaneously.  This title reminds me a lot of shows like MXC, Ninja Warrior, and American Gladiators.  Another comparison I would like to make is to Trials HD, but you are on your feet rather than on a motorcycle.  The game also supports online leaderboards, local multiplayer, Xbox Live multiplayer, and achievements.  If you enjoy platformers, check this game out, you won’t be disappointed.

Both of these titles are now available on the Xbox Live Arcade and are FREE.  So check them out and for some reason you don’t enjoy them as much as I did, guess what?  You didn’t pay for them.

  1. jaswrites says:

    I wish they had gone forward with the new version of Goldeneye 64 (for the XBLA) 🙂

    • Tim! says:

      Yeah, it got stuck in licensing/development hell, Nintendo owned the rights to Goldeneye, so when Microsoft bought Rare, they only inherited Perfect Dark and the Banjo series and some other miscellaneous IPs, but I totally agree with you

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