3DS is one dimensional

Posted: January 11, 2011 by Tim Utley in News and Updates

With the much anticipated release of Nintendo’s new handheld just around the corner tons of new information is hitting the market.  Mostly final hardware specs and speculations about the price and release date.  The latest piece of information I have come into contact however suggests that the 3DS will be region coded.  This isn’t a huge surprise seeing how the DSi and DSiXL both have region codes, but for those who have a DS or DS Lite could still import games from all over the world.

The lockout of other regions on the 3DS is a pretty big disappointment.  I imagine that the handheld will be wildly successful, but if certain software doesn’t perform as well it won’t see a release stateside.  For those of us who prefer to play obscure Japanese titles from time to time will either have to bite the bullet and buy a Japanese 3DS or will just have to go without.

Region coding the system makes sense from a business perspective because it allows Nintendo to secure their individual markets, but from a consumer perspective our scope of experience is seriously diminished.  It is not likely that Nintendo will change their decision on the matter at hand, so lets just hope that some determined individual will jailbreak it and share their spoils with the rest of us.


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