Get ready for the PSP2…wait the NGP…ah f$%k, it looks awesome

Posted: January 27, 2011 by Tim Utley in News and Updates

The entire gaming community has heard so much nonsense about a rumored PSP2 for so long.  We have seen computer generated mock ups of what the system might look like and have heard several different versions of what the system might be capable of.  All that bullshit has been put to rest (for the most part).  Also Sony wants us to stop calling it the “PSP2” and start referring to it as the NGP (Next Generation Portable).

The 3DS has some competition now DUDE!!!

The NGP will be sporting a beautiful 5 inch OLED touch screen, dual analogs (thank f*&king god), and no annoying UMD drive.  Sony will be supporting a new flash media card as a means of delivering games and other content.  The system will also support digital downloads and other things of the sort.  What else does this thing have?  Bluetooth, wireless, and  a 3G mobile connection.  2 cameras (back and front mounted) and an additional touch pad on the back rounds out most of the physical features of the NGP.  But the most impressive thing about the NGP is its potential gaming capabilities.

The NGP is going to have some serious horsepower under that screen and Sony has announced this hand held system will rival the PS3 in terms of graphical capabilities.  That is a bold statement to make seeing how Nintendo’s 3DS is only sporting the power of a Gamecube (not bad, but PS3 it’s not).  But with games like Uncharted, Little Big Planet, and Metal Gear Solid 4 announced in the pipeline it will no choice but to walk the walk.

The NGP is a ways off as Sony has said that it won’t be available until the 2011 holiday season.  I am sure over the coming months new details will become available with probably the most important one being the price.  So stayed tuned for more details about the NGP.


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