Playstation Plus Experiment [Updated]

Posted: January 31, 2011 by Tim Utley in Editorials

Playstation Plus as most of you know is Sony’s premium service available to PS3 users.  Since the service launched last summer I have been reluctant to try it because you can access all the same content with the free PSN account.  I have a few friends that have the premium service and they stand by its benefits.  So instead of going overboard and subscribing for a full year I am doing a 3 month experiment with Playstation Plus.  With it you get discounts on games and DLC and occasionally some free content and games.  Another distinguishing feature of Plus is that you can get full game trials instead of demos.  There is a catch though with Plus.  Anything you get for free or discounted will be rendered useless if your Plus subscription runs out.  So while getting free content can help subsidize your subscription fees, you must keep paying to keep free or discounted content playable (kind of ironic, eh).  So I am willing and curious to see how much money I can save over the next 3 months using Playstation Plus and will update this as I go.  I will track savings and free content below.  Let the savings begin!!!!!


  • Spyro the Dragon (PS1 Classic) – free ($5.99)
  • Hero of Sparta (PS Mini) – free ($4.99)
  • Pipe Madness (PS Mini) – free ($2.99)
  • Spyro 2 Ripto’s Rage (PS1 Classic) – free ($5.99)
  • Digger (PSN Game) – free ($9.99)
  • Stacking (PSN Game) – free ($14.99)

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