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A Legacy of Garbage

Posted: February 27, 2011 by Tim Utley in Editorials
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No one will miss you

When I think of Paris (which doesn’t happen too often, but just go with it) I think of beautiful cityscapes, exquisite food, high culture, and Titus Interactive Software.  The world of gaming has seen it’s fair share of publishing/development houses over the years, but none that have ascertained the level of garbage that Titus was able to accomplish in their 20 years of life.

Some companies have the occasional slip in judgment and let something awful creep out the door, but Titus was pushing stinkers out the door like they enjoyed doing it.  Titus might have seemed like small peas in the US, but there was a time when they were one of the largest multi-platform publishers in Europe.  With so many resources and investors how did Titus manage to continue to pump out garbage?  Did they even have a Quality Assurance department?  I don’t have these answers, but for those of you that are not familiar with Titus’s games I will spotlight some of their finer works.

Superman's other Kryptonite

As some of you may know I like to enjoy the finer things in life and what is finer than Superman 64.  This game embodies the term awful and its box art should serve as an annotation in the dictionary.  Superman 64 was published and developed by Titus for the Nintendo 64 and has been hailed by many as the worst videogame ever made.  I have played my fair share of shitty videogames, but Superman 64 transcends shitty to a realm most of us are unfamiliar with.  I am going to get side tracked, but trust me it has a purpose.  Now when we defecate into a toilet, our bodily fluids have a final resting place and will travel through a network of tunnels and are probably dumped into some local swimming pond.  The process of disposing feces is carefully thought out and is deliberate in its delivery; some might even say the sewer system is a highly specific process.  Superman 64 is not.  If a cross-eyed hobo vomited on a naked Barbie I would be more inclined to play with it then to subject myself to the torturous process that involves playing Superman 64.  Even the man of steel wasn’t strong enough to escape the grasps of Titus grimy paws, but would Superman be the only hero to have his legacy tainted?

Part Man, Part Machine, All Shit

Part Man, Part Machine, All Cop.  That’s right folks, Superman wasn’t the only hero digitally raped; Robocop was also given the Titus treatment.  The lovely folks at Titus decided to strap up (probably a dildo and fuck every Robocop fan) and deliver probably one of the worst first person shooters I have ever played.  Before I get to far down the rabbit hole, there is one redeeming feature to Robocop for Xbox.  There is a behind the scenes featurette showing how incredibly excited the Titus team was to make a Robocop game (trust me it’s a gem).  I will now enter free fall and get as gruesome as possible.  Do you remember when Murphy gets shot approximately 600 times in the factory before becoming Robocop?  I wished that was me the first time I played Robocop.  I wish my eyes were scooped out with a spork.  It felt like I got mushroomed slapped by Shane Diesel (Google it).  The immense pain that came over me when playing this game was far too much for me to handle.  The game is more broken than Jackie Chan’s English.  I would rather jerk off with sand paper than attempt to play Robocop again.

Titus Interactive doesn’t exist anymore and for good reason.  They produced SHIT!!!!  This company became defunct in 2005 and as far as I am concerned it should have happened 10 years prior.  They made terrible financial decisions in conjunction with their ineptitude at making videogames. No one has or will ever miss you Titus Interactive because all you left us was a Legacy of Garbage.


Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Review

Posted: February 19, 2011 by Tim Utley in Reviews
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The highly anticipated Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has arrived for both the PS3 and Xbox 360.  Was it worth waiting over ten years for a new MVC?  Yes and No and I’ll tell you why.  I have had ample time to dig my teeth into MVC 3 and explore what it has to offer so here is my impression of the game thus far.

Does it still take you for a ride?


The presentation in MVC 3 is very weak.  The menu design tries to capture that “comic book” feel, but in the end it just looks rushed and poorly implemented.  I know it is just a fighting game, but what other kind of game will you spend more time on a menu screen?  I think they could have worked up something more intuitive and more creative.  Aside from the menu system, the only cutscenes in the game are the opening videos (that you must unlock).  When you beat arcade with a particular character they give some beat looking comic strip.  I understand going with the comic book motif because part of the game’s origin, but really Capcom?  You couldn’t have whipped up some arcade finales for us to enjoy after destroying Galactus?  Lastly, the lack of stages really begins to dull the experience after awhile (I think they really could have implemented dynamic stages like Tekken/Mortal Kombat really well).  All this stuff is really minor, but the game’s presentation doesn’t live up to the expectations fans had for the new entry.


This is where MVC 3 shines (no pun intended).  The game utilizes an advanced version of the MT Framework (RE5 and LP2) and with a celshaded flair really makes the ensemble of MVC characters really come to life on screen.  The animations in the game are not terrible, but only seem exciting when characters are performing hyper combos.  And it even seems that some of the new characters (X 23) have the same animation sets as others.  The animation sets of characters returning to the franchise could have used some polish too (wolverine has been moving the same since the original MVC).  The recycling of assets for animations from previous games might provide fan service to some, but those of us who were looking for something slightly different might be disappointed.  Overall the game is a beauty to look at, it just could have used a little more polish.


The good old phrase “easy to play, but hard to master” applies to MVC3 very much so.  The game has implemented a “simple” control set for those who just love to button mash and perform simplified hyper combos (button mashing works on default controls too, trust me).  The game has a variety of combos players can choose to learn from the very mundane to the completely ridiculous and everywhere in between.  Combos will take time to master and also learn when they are appropriate to perform (Enter Mission Mode), but the real deal players also learn a different kind of combo.  That being your lineup of fighters.  Carefully selecting three fighters to brawl with can make or break your chance of winning drastically.  There are many powerful combos that have already been discovered and people don’t shy away from using them online (I like to play online, but I just get tooled on).  The character balancing could have used some work as well.  Phoenix is supposed to be a deity and can be obliterated in seconds.  The character balancing will bother some and some won’t care but just be aware that certain characters have an extra does of ass kick embedded in their programming DNA.  The last thing I want to mention in regards to gameplay is how you choose to play the game and by that I mean what accessory are you using to play MVC3 with?  I have the Xbox 360 version and the game does handle differently between accessories (standard controller, fight pad, fight stick).  Surprisingly the 360 controller offers serviceable controls, but the super rigid d-pad can sometimes make you perform combos that you didn’t intend to.  Fight sticks offer that arcade experience, but will really make it difficult for newcomers to pick up and play because of how fast paced the battling is.  Fight pads fill that void between the fight stick and standard controller and probably offer up the best experience possible.


MVC3 doesn’t have terrible music or other audio features, they just don’t seem as refined as other fighting games in this generation.  The ability to change character voices from English to Japanese is a welcomed addition and the “Take you for a Ride” remix offers up some nostalgia, but other than that the music is pretty forgettable.  Dead Pool is far and away the character that was given the most attention when it came to audio and I think they captured the nuances of Dead Pool pretty accurately.  If you go into this game expecting to be blown away from the soundtrack or character voices you might be disappointed, but who really gives a shit, it is a fighting game.

Down the Road:

MVC3 is a blast to play and is something you can play piecemeal (as most fighting games are).  Will this version last you another 10 years probably not (unless they add some serious DLC).  The online community is pretty solid already and the offline modes will keep you busy for quite awhile (try pulling off some of those 5 star combos in mission mode, I DARE YOU!!!).  I enjoy playing fighting games with my friends first and foremost, so MVC3 will keep me entertained for years to come.  If you don’t play online and only enjoy playing arcade mode, wait for a price drop.

Final Comments:

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 might not go down as a legendary fighter likes its predecessor, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a quality fighter.  I would have liked to have seen some more modes and like I said earlier more dynamic environments.  The roster for MVC3 fills out at 38 (after you unlock everybody) and already has two DLC characters (Jill Valentine and Shuma Gorath) in the pipeline.  So I don’t think that MVC3 will fall flat and if it is continually supported with DLC I think it has a chance to possibly redeem itself and enter the pantheon of truly great fighting games.

Overall Score : 8.0/10

Recommended Buy Price:

Fanboy – Full price $60 or $70 (for SE)

Moderate fan of fighting games – $30-$40

Like Marvel or Capcom properties, but blow ass at fighting games – $10-$20

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds was purchased by me for $69.99 (special edition) and I have invested about 8 hours into the game.

What would gaming be if not for the accessories we use to play them?  When systems are announced several companies jump at the chance to create accessories for it (what I like to call shovelware accessories).  They range from the functional and aesthetically pleasing to completely absurd and useless.  I have compiled a list of accessories that have been produced over the years that not only lack functionality, they lack a purpose for existing and are USELESS.  I can pretty much guarantee that no one enjoyed using any of the shit that appears on this list and these accessories probably didn’t enhance anyone’s gaming experience.  As to not keep you waiting here is the LIST!

(Just for clarification, they are just listed not ranked, they all suck)


ROB the Robot (NES)


A friend to some


Why It Sucks:

First off this overpriced piece of flimsy plastic only supported two NES games (Gyromite and Stack-up).  Secondly, you were lucky if Robbie even performed the specified functions that he was supposed to in the game of your choosing.  Lastly, if one of the “durable” parts that came with ROB broke, finding replacement parts (at the time folks) pretty much resulted in you buying another one.  ROB the robot really only exists for collectors of all things NES and people who love gimmicky shit from the 80’s.


The Power Glove (NES)


I love the Power Glove, it's so bad.


Why it Sucks:

If you have ever had the displeasure of using a Power Glove, it isn’t bad in the sense of being bad ass, but just plain bad.  Once again Nintendo steps up to the plate with another gimmicky/shitty accessory to drain NES gamers  of their hard earned money.  The Power Glove was supposed to let you control NES games with just your hand and had a bunch of fancy yet seemingly worthless buttons scattered all over it.  The only redeeming factor for the Power Glove is that it managed to sneak itself into a Horse the Band song.  Other than the Power Glove should have been aborted.


Speakercom (Xbox)


Can you hear me now? NO, because this thing is a piece of shit


Why it Sucks:

The Speakercom for the original Xbox was supposed to revolutionize the way we conversed with our friends over Xbox Live.  In reality it took a step backwards because it only made it more difficult to hear people.  The shitty speaker/monitor embedded within the accessory made all incoming dialog almost inaudible.  Oh, also if you wanted to respond to someone you had to push the speaker in to respond (you had to take your fingers of either the buttons or the sticks, kind of inconvenient when playing Halo 2).  Regardless the Speakercom was a monumental failure and a completely useless accessory because it didn’t make chatting easier, but more or less annoying.


Wii Boxing Gloves




Why it Sucks:

Ah the Wii Boxing Gloves.  One of the finer pieces of the shovelware accessory collection for the Wii and yet another accessory that can only be used with a few games.  I’m sorry, if you feel the need to heighten your Wii Boxing experience by wearing these stupid fucking gloves then you should really go outside more often.  The nunchuk’s already short cable restricts movement when they are not shoved in these useless pieces of cotton, but when inserted you aren’t boxing but clapping your hands more or less.  People who are caught buying these should get their address sent to Bam Margera’s house, then when they least expect it get “Rockied”.  That’s how much I despise this product.


Steel Battalion Controller (Xbox)


Have fun learning this controller layout


Why it Sucks:

When a game is harder to learn than driving a car you might have a small problem on your hands.  Well that was the case with Steel Battalion.  This game probably has the most absurd controller for it and you can’t use anything but it.  It has a 3 Part top deck with pedal controls below and unless you are a mech game savant you will be staring a screen of your ass getting beat.  I own this piece of shit and I used it for a good 2 hours before I said “fuck it” and now it is rotting in my attic.  If Capcom would have integrated the controller into other titles maybe it wouldn’t have been such a useless accessory, but game specific accessories like this will always suck for the simple reason that they are not compatible with anything else.


Game Boy Camera (Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance)

This camera would make anything look homeless

Why it Sucks:

Nintendo had a dominant market share in the handheld arena in the late 80’s and the 90’s.  Even with the likes of the Atari Lynx and the Sega Game Gear rearing their ugly heads around, they still were no competition for the Game Boy.  So why did Nintendo feel compelled to release this accessory?  It SUCKS!!!!! Unless you want to have fun making custom stickers in Mario Tennis for GBC, I’d hold off.  The monochrome pictures it takes makes everyone look homeless or like meth heads (sometimes both, depends on the angle).  The printer they released with it (probably should have made the list too) is a monster piece of shit too (it is a glorified receipt printer).  Gaming was glorious in the late 80’s and 90’s, but companies (especially Nintendo) had a propensity to release super gimmicky accessories to make their systems stand out, but in the end it just taints their legacy.


Donkey Kong Bongos (Gamecube, Wii)

Hit Clap Hit Clap Hit Clap (works for every compatible game)

Why it Sucks:

The DK Bongos were a novel idea by Nintendo, but ultimately became obsolete when no other games supported them.  3 Games used this lovely accessory and 2 of them were music games and the other one was a platformer.  The games themselves were fine and are not under critique right now, it is just the controller for said games that is getting heat.  The DK Bongos join the pantheon of useless Nintendo accessories, because their purpose and design were near sighted.  Hitting and clapping as a control scheme ran it’s course pretty quickly and entered the realm of super fucking annoying after about 10 minutes of play.  I like innovation, but only if it perpetuates or is succeeded by innovation.  The DK Bongos didn’t see an afterlife on the Wii (no new title support, you can use them if you want) and have entered the grave yard of defunct accessories.


Power Pad (NES)


The original DDR-esque experience, just worse


Why it Sucks:

*Broken Record Spinning* Oh wait it is just another useless Nintendo accessory.  The Power Pad (aka the precursor to the DDR dance pad) has about just as much reason for existing as Carrot Top does.  It supports only 5 games out of the 700+ library of NES games (in North America).  This 2 sided pad (I know only one side is shown above) had probably only one notable use and that was World Class Track Meet.  But before I sound like I am praising this accessory let me get back to business.  Even with Nintendo’s attempt to get kids off the couch for a WCTM workout, it would usually result with kids on the floor smashing their hands on the pad like a fucking whack-a-mole in an attempt to blow away the cheetah in a race.  All in all the Power Pad was a novel attempt at revolutionizing the way we played games for the NES, but lack of support and poor design relegated it to realm of useless.



Wii Speak (Wii)


Trust me, no one is listening


Why it Sucks:

*Really Excited Voice* “When I wanna talk to a friend I just pull out my Wii Speak and we have knee slapping jolly good time”.  What a surprise Nintendo again, but back to that really excited person I created for the sake of literary comedy.  Hey “Really Excited Person”, you are fucking delusional.  The Wii Speak is about as useful as a used condom.  Nintendo’s online support for the Wii has made this product completely obsolete.  With Microsoft and Sony’s robust (and easily accessible) chat options who in their right mind would prefer the Wii Speak over far superior alternatives.  The Wii Speak has a few redeeming/super gimmicky features, but it doesn’t come close to outweighing the lack of support and functionality of the accessory.  Nintendo is still an infant when it comes to online gaming and features.  They need to realize that consoles are evolving at an alarming rate, so maybe next generation we can get a functional chat device that supports more than 11 games.




Look what you started you son of a bitch


Why it Sucks:

Hello old friend (I just felt like saying that, I never owned this piece of shit).  While I have never owned the Sega Activator, doesn’t mean I haven’t had the displeasure of trying to use it.  The basic idea behind this peripheral is that 8 IR sensors surround your body with 4 emulating directional controls and 4 emulating face buttons that would show up on a standard Genesis controller.  The big selling point for the Activator was “You were the controller” (where have we heard that before).  The Activator like modern motion controlled peripherals had space requirements, but square footage wasn’t the measurement.  It was your ceiling’s height.  The Activator’s IR sensors had a short range so you needed a low ceiling with nothing obstructing the path of the IR beam.  So that meant no ceiling lights, fans, or pretty much anything that could distort the sensor (mirrors etc.).  So after you either met or failed to meet this structural requirement you could begin to enjoy using the unresponsive Sega Activator.  Trying to pull of fatalities in Mortal Kombat usually resulted in you just wishing you had killed yourself instead of buying the Sega Activator.  The Sega Activator is a truly remarkable piece of shit and makes you wonder if they even tested it before pushing it out the door.

Closing Comments:

To most of you it might look like I despise Nintendo, but in reality I just despise their choice in accessory creation.  There are hundreds of useless accessories I could have mentioned (Atari Mind Link), but I tried to use either contemporary or more well known examples so “you” the reader could empathize with me or one another unknowingly.  Poorly conceived or just plain cheap accessories will plague us until we die because competitive markets constitute parity products.  So next time you think about picking up a plastic tennis racket attachment for your Wii remote, think about this article and how buying shitty accessories is bad for the environment.  As always you can follow us on Twitter @GamersAbstract and like us on Facebook for more content.

Killzone 3 Leaked

Posted: February 14, 2011 by Tim Utley in News and Updates
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Just after news of a late PC build of Crysis 2 being leaked on torrent sites, Killzone 3 is now sharing a similar fate.  The European version of Killzone 3 has been leaked on torrent sites in both standard and 3D formats.  The standard format file size is around 22 gigs and the 3D version comes in at a staggering 42 gigs.  If you can’t wait an extra week or are just too cheap to buy it I’m sure you know where to look.

Where is Max Payne 3?

Posted: February 13, 2011 by Tim Utley in News and Updates
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Dear Take Two & Rockstar, release the f$$king game already

The original release date for Max Payne 3 was winter 2009. (…………….crickets………………..)  So where is Max Payne 3 already?  Several images and details had surfaced for the game and it looked as if it were almost finished.  I keep reading news that Take Two Interactive is continually releasing details for new projects, but not mentioning Max Payne 3 whatsoever.  Is this game going to share the same fate as True Crime: Hong Kong?  No definite release window, money hemorrhaging out of every orifice, and then the game is deemed not worthy of a release.  I could give less than two shits about a new Spec Ops game (which will probably come out before Max Payne 3).  So give me MAX PAYNE ALREADY!!!!  I don’t know why Rockstar and Take Two are collectively waiting this long to release this game (something better be terribly wrong with the game), but something needs to give, like them giving us some details on when the game is being released.  I will hold out as long as needed for Max Payne 3, but when this game is released it really needs to be on the “OH FUCK I JUST SHIT MY PANTS’ level of awesomeness or I will be disappointed.

2K Games announced this beauty of a collector’s edition today.  The DNF CE has been so eloquently called the Balls of Steel Edition (fitting title if you ask me).  It is a Gamestop and Amazon exclusive so you now know where to find it.  How much will it run you?  A measly 100 greenbacks to obtain greatness.  2k Games hasn’t made an official announcement for what I am about to say, but if that certificate of authenticity pictured above is any indication of how limited this edition will be, I would jump on it sooner than later (approx. 2000 per system).  I know the picture says what is available in the Balls of Steel edition but because I am a nice guy (and maybe some of you can’t read the tiny ass print) I will list the contents below.

Contents of the Balls of Steel Edition:

  • Collectible bust of Duke himself (Carpe Nukem motherf$$ckers)
  • Numbered Limited edition certificate of authenticity (what I alluded to earlier)
  • 100 Page Hardcover Book – History, Legacy & Legend: Duke Nukem Forever Art from the Vault
  • Duke Nukem Forever Postcard series
  • Duke Nukem Forever radioactive emblem sticker
  • Duke Nukem Forever Collectible comic book
  • Duke Nukem Forever foldable paper craft (whatever the fuck that means)
  • Duke Nukem Forever poker chips
  • Duke Nukem Forever mini-card deck
  • Duke Nukem Forever radioactive emblem dice

There you have it folks.  And remember to BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS.  Go pre-order DNF now or be prepared to HAIL TO THE KING BABY.   BALLS, BALLS, BALLS, BALLS, I’VE GOT BALLS OF STEEL.  I love Duke-isms.

Black Ops has been out for about 3 months now and the game’s first map pack has arrived entitled First Strike.  This pack contains 4 new competitive multiplayer maps and 1 new zombie map.  The 4 multiplayer maps are Kowloon, Stadium, Discovery, Berlin Wall and the new zombie map is Ascension.  The new maps add some much needed variety to Black Ops as the included maps are becoming quite stale.  So without further adieu I will begin my map by map analysis.


Kowloon Rooftop Frenzy

Kowloon is a medium size map that takes place on the rooftops of Kowloon City.  This map is very Favela-esque.  The atmosphere of the map is pretty ominous because it is dark and raining and you know that you will probably die at some point.  But besides that Kowloon offers up some variety in terms of strategy.  Kowloon like the other new maps offers up some great spots to plop down and do some good ol’fashion sniping .  Or you can plot your course across the map by going cover to cover and going with more close quarters combat techniques.  Also don’t be surprised if you get awarded multiple Assisted Suicide medals in a session because people will fall to their death trying to avoid your gunfire (it is quite comical).  Kowloon has a gimmicky feature with the inclusion of a zip line.  User beware, there are only two ways to dismount the zip line 1) complete the ride and move on or 2) get your ass blown off it, which will most likely happen.  You also can fall off the rooftops so watch your step.  Kowloon’s design will also not appeal to everyone and you will find yourself saying even with a killcam, “where the fuck did I get shot from?”.  Also the design makes it really easy for newcomers to lose their bearings fast, but as you play you will hopefully develop a sense of direction.


I wouldn't scalp tickets outside this Stadium

Stadium is the smallest of the new maps and my least favorite.  I am dubbing this map the new “Nuketown” not because of its size, but because of peoples’ propensity to PICK IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN.  This map offers up quick and frenetic combat which will usually result in quick matches (not a terrible thing).  So how is fighting in a Stadium you ask?  Should be pretty cool right?  Yeah it should be but this map should have been called “Around the Stadium” because there is no access to ice rink featured in the map.  Remember the Stadium Map in Delta Force: Black Hawk Down?  Probably not, but that had a Stadium map with access to everywhere you would wanna kill someone.  First Strike’s Stadium offers up a map with weird lines of sight so sniping is possible but is marginalized to very small portions of the map.  I am not a fan of Stadium and I question some of the design choices, but doesn’t mean the map is unplayable.


Warm up with a bullet in the head

Discovery’s setting is an abandoned German research facility in the Antarctic.  Discovery is a well laid out map and is fairly decent in size, but it feels like some assets were recycled from previous maps (WMD and Summit) so it doesn’t feel as fresh as the other new maps.  Just like in Kowloon you can fall off the map and die an unfortunate death.  This map is chock full of bottomless pits, so once again watch your step.  This map is good for sniping, CTF matches, and destructible bridges add a new welcomed element of strategy to the game.  Overall Discovery is an enjoyable map to play on.

Berlin Wall

The wall has fallen, but the defenses are up

Berlin Wall looks like it is straight out of World At War.  The map would be the biggest had it not had “No Man’s Land”, which is an area of the map (shaded in red) where you will be killed by automated turrets if you enter.  There is a small corridor running through “No Man’s Land” as to not completely isolate each side of the map.  Super gimmicky and completely unnecessary and almost ruined the allure of the map.  Berlin has a lot of 2 level structures, so gaining high ground can be accomplished almost anywhere on the map (great for sniping).  Berlin Wall is pretty much your standard multiplayer map with really nothing to fancy to report.


A Zombie Breakout at a research facility NO WAY!!

The photo above doesn’t accurately represent the mayhem that goes on inside the facility.  Ascension is the new zombie map for Black Ops and besides lasting as long as you can, rebuilding defenses, and killing waves of the walking dead, not much has changed.  To keep in line with gimmicks, Ascension has Space Monkeys to fight and Black Holes that appear along with a black and white display until you turn on the power.  Also on the ground floor there is some kind of mechanical rotating device that will thwart zombies if you draw them near it (Gimmick).  I unfortunately have only played this map by my lonesome, but if you can get 3 other friends (which I plan on doing soon) Ascension is a blast to play.

Final Details:

The First Strike Map pack has its gimmicks and drawbacks, but if you are an avid Call of Duty player (Xbox 360 for right now) First Strike is worth getting.  It adds much needed sniping maps (Array was it folks) and some variance from the included maps.  If you only play Black Ops occasionally and are not completely sick of the included maps then wait for an inevitable DLC sale somewhere down the road.  Lastly, to my knowledge Treyarch has only made First Strike available in the US for now, so if you are reading this and are living abroad, sorry.

Recommended Buy Price:

Die Hard Fans – 1200 MSP($15)

Casual Players – 800 MSP ($10)

The First Strike Map Pack was purchased by me for 1200 MSP ($15).  I have invested equal time in all maps including the zombie map addition.

A Fellow Gaming Enthusiast/Blogger

Posted: February 10, 2011 by Tim Utley in Editorials

Just kidding

Dear Abstract Minions,

Since joining Twitter I have had mostly spammers follow me inflating my numbers grossly.  But I have recently come into contact with another Video Game Blogger/Enthusiast on Twitter code named Pwning Pat.  She is an excellent writer with a unquestionable passion and flair for all things video games.  Her blog is linked HERE!!! And you can also follow her on Twitter @pwningpat.  Check out her work and support our grass root Video Game Blogging enterprises/domination.

Yours Truly,

Tim, The Gamer’s Abstract Editor

Guitar Hero and DJ Hero DLC No more after February

Posted: February 10, 2011 by Tim Utley in News and Updates

Activision’s recent announcement of cutting the Guitar Hero brand will leave its users without new DLC after the end of February.  Guitar Hero is not the only brand being affected but DJ Hero as well.  Activision has said that DLC currently available will remain available for “now” and that their titles will remain at retail for the time being.  I personally gave up on Guitar Hero after the third installment, but as a huge DJ Hero fan this comes as a great disappointment to me.  I hope Activision will continue to support DJ Hero with new mixes if not immediately, somewhere down the road.  So for all of you Guitar Hero and DJ Hero loyalists, get your DLC while it is still available.

Killzone 3 Demo Impressions

Posted: February 10, 2011 by Tim Utley in Reviews

Killzone 3 demo is out now exclusively for Playstation Plus users in either its regular format or in 3D.  The demo revolves around Sev and Rico searching for a commanding officer on some antarctic-esque Helghan base.  So I figured I would check it out and see if anything new was added to the Killzone franchise.  To be honest, it doesn’t feel like many changes were made from its predecessor.  I say not many because some things did feel different and were different.  The graphics for Killzone 3 are still top notch and the set pieces are truly a sight to behold.  The combat feels a little more fluid with new melee take downs and the shooting is little tighter than in Killzone 2.  The movement on the other hand still feels heavy and sluggish.  The dialog is still very cheesy and your AI compatriot Rico is as retarded as ever.  If you get killed by a Helghast, Rico will revive you, but he won’t eliminate the enemy threat first.  So this results in you being revived only to be killed almost instantly by the same Helghast that killed you the first time.  The layout of the controls might be daunting to some, but the demo will acclimate you to them fairly quickly.  The highlight of the demo for me was the introduction of the Jet Pack.  It was a blast to fly around and mow down Helghan soldiers like fish in a barrel.  All in all Killzone 3 will be a good game to most and a great game for Killzone fans.

The full retail release of Killzone 3 will be available on February 22nd in a Standard edition for $59.99 and the Helghast Edition for $129.99.  I am still unsure if I will be purchasing it day one, but if I do I will be sure to post more extensive impressions of the game.