Where is Max Payne 3?

Posted: February 13, 2011 by Tim Utley in News and Updates
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Dear Take Two & Rockstar, release the f$$king game already

The original release date for Max Payne 3 was winter 2009. (…………….crickets………………..)  So where is Max Payne 3 already?  Several images and details had surfaced for the game and it looked as if it were almost finished.  I keep reading news that Take Two Interactive is continually releasing details for new projects, but not mentioning Max Payne 3 whatsoever.  Is this game going to share the same fate as True Crime: Hong Kong?  No definite release window, money hemorrhaging out of every orifice, and then the game is deemed not worthy of a release.  I could give less than two shits about a new Spec Ops game (which will probably come out before Max Payne 3).  So give me MAX PAYNE ALREADY!!!!  I don’t know why Rockstar and Take Two are collectively waiting this long to release this game (something better be terribly wrong with the game), but something needs to give, like them giving us some details on when the game is being released.  I will hold out as long as needed for Max Payne 3, but when this game is released it really needs to be on the “OH FUCK I JUST SHIT MY PANTS’ level of awesomeness or I will be disappointed.


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