Disaster Report [Not the Game]

Posted: March 14, 2011 by Tim Utley in News and Updates
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By now we all aware of the devastation that has fallen upon the citizens of Japan.  They are all in our thoughts and we hope for a successful recovery.  The Japanese game industry has been affected by this disaster too.  Square-Enix has temporarily shut down Final Fantasy XI/XIV servers to help aid in the relief process.  Metal Gear Online has also had its servers suspended until further notice.  Due to limited electricity arcades are also running on a shortened operating schedule.  Sony’s upcoming racer Motor Storm: Apocalypse has been indefinitely delayed in Japan and Irem’s Disaster Report 4 has been canceled.  I think that the delay and cancellation of these aforementioned games is appropriate as it would be extremely insensitive to do otherwise.

Major Japanese publishers Nintendo, Sega, and Namco-Bandai are also coming out and making cash donations to the Red Cross of Japan.  Sony has also made a sizable donation and has donated 30,oo0 radios to help coordinate and assist relief workers.  I hope Japan gets the support it needs to recover properly and we can help by donating to the Red Cross.  If you visit this link you can help the effort right from your computer.  If any other video game related news surface regarding the disaster I will be sure to report it, but until then stay informed and do what you can do to help.


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