Why I Still Play Pokemon

Posted: April 3, 2011 by Tim Utley in Editorials
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I am by no means part of the target audience for anything Pokemon related, but I have a tendency to tell people that you are only as old as you feel you are.  I am a firm believer in that statement and Pokemon aids in sustaining youth within me; and that is why I continue to play them well into my 20s.

Pokemon might not be the perfect gaming series, but what is represents to me is far greater than the substance of the content.  Every main entry into the Pokemon series starts off exactly the same way; with a teenager embarking on a grand adventure across whatever region Game Freaks has dropped us in.  I am and will always be that teenager at heart.  The Pokemon games represent the mysticism of what the world has to offer and sometimes you just need to leave the nest to find out what is really out there.

Pokemon also reminds me of a time in my life when things were simple and life was easy.  Every time a new Pokemon game is released I rejoice because I know that I will be able to reminisce about my youth.  Pokemon also represents camaraderie and community.  The games illustrate tales of friendship between the main protagonist and the other trainers as well as the relationship between trainer and Pokemon.  At a young age this rubbed off on me and taught me some values about friendship that maybe I wouldn’t have learned.  In conjunction with playing the original Game Boy games I was an avid Pokemon card collector and spending time trading and talking about Pokemon with my childhood friends was fun no matter how lame it might sound to some of you.  The Pokemon community is one of the largest in the world and when I was a teenager everyone was playing whether they admitted it or not.  You could have had absolutely nothing else in common with someone else and Pokemon could have united you if even for a short period of friendship.

Pokemon has always been a great way of bringing people together and one of my favorite things to do was battle with my friends.  I used to spend countless hours training my Pokemon for weekly Stadium duels with my friends.  Those were the days let me tell you.  The DS has streamlined the process a little bit, but it is still a blast nonetheless.

Like I said before and will say again Pokemon is not for everyone, but for those of you who are looking to do some cheap time traveling down memory lane, a small purchase of a Pokemon game is all it will take (or borrow it from a friend and battle each other).  I will be a Pokemon player forever and I hope this might have inspired some of you to look back at what makes you feel young and explore it again.

  1. This latest one really does its best in being nostalgic and bringing you back to the original games. It does its job well.

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