So what is coming out next year???

Posted: April 9, 2011 by Tim Utley in Editorials
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Screw the world ending, what are we going to have for games????

I have been busy with my job and trying to squeeze in some quality time with my Dreamcast, but one of my favorite nerdy/OCD things to do is look at upcoming releases and really gauge how much money I will drop on anything cool for the year.  This year as most of you know has already been pretty crazy and is only continuing to get better as the months roll on; but with such a mega packed year of awesomeness what is going to come out next year?  I pose this question because every single franchise that I still give two shits about (Mass Effect, Gears of War, Uncharted, etc.) is either releasing its final title or releasing a sequel.

Granted some of the games that are scheduled for this year might get pushed back into the following calendar year, but besides the stuff I briefly mentioned there is a whole slew of other things being released this year.  This year no doubt will be a great year for gaming, but will next year hold for us?  Will it be the year of the new IP?  Will Sony and Nintendo make aggressive maneuvers with their new handheld systems and have a good ol’fashioned slobber knocker like in years past?  Who knows what will happen, but I am experiencing mixed feelings of uncertainty and excitement.  These feelings and trains of thought might be slightly premature, but next year really leaves a lot up to the imagination and hopefully something great blossoms out of the ambiguous nature of 2012.

If you have any theories or ideas about what you think will happen next year, throw it up in the comments section.  Also be sure to follow me on Twitter @gamersabstract and on Facebook.


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