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Posted: April 17, 2011 by Tim Utley in Weekly Roundup
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I am always trying to think of new stuff to do for The Gamer’s Abstract and the newest feature I would like to add might not be the most imaginative or original, but I think it will add more substance to my blog.  This new feature will be called the Weekly Roundup (original name I know).  I read and see a lot of great stuff on the web over the course of a week and sometimes I don’t get a chance to write anything new because of my schedule.  I feel with doing this it is a win-win for everyone, because you still visit my site and I give you something to entertain you.  I will still be writing my own material, but there is a wealth of great content produced each week by other writers and editors that I feel warrants attention as well.  So I will attempt to bring it all here for you.

With the Weekly Roundup I will post links to the material with a brief description of what you will be reading or watching, so If you are not interested you don’t waste your time.  I am not going to rank what I read and there will not be a set number each week, but there will be something each week so stay tuned for the first roundup…Does right now sound good to you?  Here is a mini preview of what will be in store for future installments.

Weekly Roundup

Resident Evil Lover

This is actually a video of a girl’s obsession/humongous collection of all things Resident Evil (I thought I had a lot, this girl puts me to shame).  She has everything ranging from clothing to other obscure merchandise that is associated with Resident Evil.  If you dig Resident Evil, check her video out, you will be impressed.

Rebecca Black “Friday” on GBC

If you have gone on the internet in the past month or have a pulse you have heard of Rebecca Black and her incredibly annoying song “Friday”.  There have been multiple parodies of this song (one of which I was a part of), but none that have gone to these lengths.  The video is a Game Boy Color representation of the music video.  It is really funny, but only if you have seen the original music video.  You can find the music video on YouTube so check that out before viewing this if you are interested.

Simulating the 2011 NBA Playoffs with Shitty 90’s console games

I think the title say’s it all.  No lengthy explanation needed here.  All I will say is that it involves Bill Laimbeer’s Combat Basketball.  Enough said, go check out this really funny article I saw on Kotaku (not a Kotaku work though, another blogger like myself) .

Alright folks, that is a small preview of what I will attempt to do every week for you.  I hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for more.  Also follow me on Twitter @GamersAbstract and on Facebook for more of me.


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