Amazon Video Game DOTD 5/1/2011

Posted: May 1, 2011 by Tim Utley in Video Game Deals
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Today’s deal on Amazon is perhaps one of the best ones that has been done in quite awhile.  For those of you who waited on Portal 2 because you maybe were running low on funds or were perhaps inundated with a huge back log of games to play (like me) I would cease to wait and act today.  Portal 2 is on sale for Xbox 360 and PC (PS3 was surprisingly either sold out or just not available).  The Xbox 360 version is $34.99 and the PC version is $29.99.  This deal beats the sale Gamestop is currently running, but it is only for today (GS one runs all week I believe).  Portal 2 is already ranking up as one of my favorite games so I can’t stress enough to go out and buy it for this perfect sale price.  You can get to the deals page from here.  Happy shopping and stay tuned for more deals.


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