Gear of War 3 Beta Contest

Posted: May 10, 2011 by Tim Utley in Cool Shit, News and Updates
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This is the first time, but hopefully not the last time I run a contest, because contests are fun and give people something to do to kill time.  I am giving away a code to one lucky winner for the Gears of War 3 Beta that is running until the end of this week.  This could be your last chance to get in on some GOW goodness before the title launches this September, but anyways lets move on to what you have to do in order to win this code (the rules if you will).

Basic Rules for entry

  1. You must comment on this article by the end of today (topic of my choosing)
  2. In your post you must give me some form of contact info so I can send you the code (email address or Twitter user name so I can send you a DM)
  3. I will send the code out tonight after I have decided on a winner.

Now here is what the contest is all about.  When you post your comment I want you to write in about a paragraph why you love videogames and what your favorite videogame is.  I am looking for creativity and passion here people so bleed videogames for me.  I look forward to seeing something amazing later on today and into the night.  I thank all who participate in advance and one of you will receive a beta code tonight.  Let your creative juices flow now.

  1. Tom says:

    I love video games because well they are like another world of gore, sports or just chatting to friends and having fun and I love gears of war 2 with graphics as good as the graphics in their trailers it is hard to beat!, and also I just want to say I would love that Beta code if you can!, anyway Video games are brilliant fun and Xbox rules!

    • Tim! says:

      Hey Tom you were the only person to participate, so Thank you and I am emailing you your code right now, so I hope you enjoy the beta and be sure to return for more here at The Gamer’s Abstract

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