Binary Domain looks incredible

Posted: September 18, 2011 by Tim Utley in News and Updates
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Since I am currently unable to report my own TGS coverage I have been looking amongst what is already out there.  I haven’t seen a terrible amount of coverage (been kind of busy) but what I did see that really caught my eye was some footage of Sega’s upcoming futuristic shooter Binary Domain and was I ever impressed.

The shooter looks like an amalgamation of Gears of War and Terminator (which both rock).  Frenetic shootouts with robots to protect humanity from something that we don’t quite know yet mixed with cover based tactics.  The visuals were also super impressive.  Even though it is still early and with the TGS trailer and other mini videos just debuting I am pretty much sold on this.  So Sega keep it together and you will have something on your hands that will be pretty fascinating to play, but also might start a promising franchise.

I could keep talking about how awesome Binary Domain looks but I’d rather show you.  So enjoy this trailer and mini video showcase of Binary Domain and comment on what you think or anything else that you think looks sweet from TGS and as always you can get more of me on Twitter @GamersAbstract and on Facebook.

Videos are compliments of and YouTube (NucleAHero)


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