Forza 4 Impressions

Posted: October 18, 2011 by Tim Utley in Impressions, Reviews
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The Collector's Edition...also what I bought

Forza 4 has been out for about a week now, but my vacation imposed on my face time with the new racing simulator from Turn 10.  Let me just say that I am glad my vacation is over.  Turn 10’s latest racing opus is nothing short of spectacular.  Some people will say that is it time for Gran Turismo to move over as the premiere racing simulator, but I will take it one step further and tell it to get off the damn bus and walk home.  Forza is just that good.

I have put about 5 hours into Forza 4 thus far and keep discovering new things around every corner (pun intended).  Everything is expertly designed from the sleek menu interface right down to the game’s presentation (Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson lends some humorous but informational voice work).  Forza 3 was a large game with almost too much stuff to do (which I really dug about it), but Forza 4 has managed to expand the scope of experience even more so.

Newly added features like the Autovista mode just scream out to car enthusiasts who love high-end cars and insanely detailed re-creations of them (I am one of those people).  The online community, which has always been one of Forza’s strongest features, gets fleshed out with even more content such as daily credit bonuses and a more robust Car club system.  Also every event in the event selector has been given a class and performance index restriction, which at first kind of annoyed me because I loved doing a Civic vs. Integra race with a 500 HP 4 wheel drive Integra Type R; now you must tune your car either manually or automatically to fit within those confines, but it makes the races more competitive and interesting overall.  Kinect integration has been added for free play events (I haven’t tried, but will soon).  Lastly the car leveling system has been converted into manufacturer “Affinity” which rewards you for exhibiting brand loyalty (bonus credits and part discounts up to 100% off).  So after “X” amount of races you will no longer pay for car parts for that particular manufacturer (just do E class multi event a bunch of times because you get an 100% affinity bonus).  There are 50 levels of Affinity for each car manufacturer with various bonuses for each level up.  There are so many new additions in Forza, too many to mention at this juncture.

Forza 4 still boasts incredible graphics, an excellent control scheme, and a healthy selection of vehicles (even with the removal of all Porsches, except for one RUF).  Also little things like the newly added in-race grading scheme (similar to Shift 2) of your turns, passes, speed, drifting, and drafting really complement the overall racing experience and actually helps improve your driving technique which in turn produces better race times and results.

I have only scratched the surface of this mammoth racing title, but can’t wait to dig in more and satisfy the gear head in me.  I will not be able to produce a full review of this game because of time constraints, but any additional revelations on Forza 4 will be posted either here or on Twitter @GamersAbstract or on our Facebook page.  So stay tuned for more.

Forza 4 was purchased by me for $79.99 (collectors edition) and I have invested 5 hours into the game and online features.


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