Halloween Cosplay Aftermath – The Best and the Worst

Posted: November 3, 2011 by Ash Saraga in Cool Shit, Editorials

There are those of us who use Halloween as an excuse to play hilarious (and sometimes tragic) pranks on people.  There are those who use it to explain away a night of candy-binging.  And then there are those of us, men and women armed to the teeth with sewing needles, pins, and thread, that use Halloween to become awesome.  Or, in the very least, make a solid attempt at becoming awesome.

This species of human is most commonly referred to as the “cosplayer”.  They can be found herding about the nearest anime or video game convention but can, on occasion, be seen flying solo in more typical settings (like the girl in the Buzz Lightyear pajamas wandering around my college campus.)  A hierarchy exists amongst these people, with three main tiers:

1.  The Professional – this cosplayer spends countless hours and way too much money on his costumes.  In addition to sewing, he is also skilled in welding, dyeing, and makeup.

2.  The McGuyver – the at-home genius.  Able to make excellent costumes out of whatever he’s got lying around, and scraps from the local GoodWill.  Abnormally good at misappropriating household items to work with his outfit.

3.  The Half-Ass – this guy wants you to know he likes Indiana Jones, but isn’t invested enough to make a whip.  He’s wearing some khakis and a white button up, with the hat he got at Universal Studios that one time.  In this same third tier, is The Seuss, who probably put a lot of effort into his costume, but for whatever reason, still looks utterly nonsensical.

After scouring the internet and an emergency session with my therapist (the things man, the things I saw), I have compiled a pretty solid list of the best Halloween cosplayers for 2011.

The Professionals

Like I said, proficient in welding.

Is it racist if I think he actually looks the part?

I know what you’re thinking.  Also, your girlfriend is behind you.

The McGuyvers

He’s a Spah!

Reverse Annie is adorable.  Adorable and deadly.

Link seems rather preoccupied with the garage door.  Still cute.

Original and badass.

The Half-Ass

Half the costume is trying to look pensive, right?

The Seuss

It looks like he put so much effort into it, but it’s still just, disconcerting.  It’s like seeing a male Chun-Li.  Actually, hang on…

From my trip to PAX East last year.  Not Halloween, but relevant.

And there you have it – a view into the inner-workings of the cosplay universe, and how we use Halloween as an excuse to walk around being more awesome than usual.  Well, trying to be more awesome than usual.

  1. Love it. I had many of these same experiences at NYCC this year

  2. Tim Utley says:

    Dude Chun Li, cracks me up, is the top one Warhammer? The 8-Bit Link is sweet and the Dante is pretty spot on, great finds Ash and great article

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