The Greatest Video Game Music [Album]

Posted: November 7, 2011 by Tim Utley in Cool Shit
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You have to thank Twitter and those who tweet awesome things (in this particular case IGN), because I would have probably never heard about this compilation of music otherwise.  The album entitled “The Greatest Video Game Music” is a collection of video game themes and tracks redone by the London Philharmonic Orchestra.  They have everything from Mario to Call of Duty and a little bit in between.  The album is 22 tracks and really offers something for everyone.  Even if you are not into orchestra music still check it out, it might change your perspective.  Also another kicker is that the album is on sale today for $1.99 with the coupon code “GAMESMP3” (thanks again IGN).  Lastly how bad ass is the cover art?  Here is a link to the MP3 album on Amazon if you want to check it out.

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  1. Tim Utley says:

    Such a good album, I really recommend it for only $2 (today only). I would have conceivably paid more for this compilation, it is that good

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