Amazon Video Games All-Day Gold Box Event 11/8

Posted: November 8, 2011 by Tim Utley in Video Game Deals
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Amazon Video Games have an All-Day Gold Box/Lightening Deals event running today (sure is an action packed day for games, this deal, MW3, MGS HD, almost too much to handle).  All deal start times run off of Pacific Standard Time so keep that in mind if you see something on this list that interests you.  Also these deals are timed (hence the lightening deal) and can expire prematurely if stock is depleted so act fast if you see something you want.  Not to keep you waiting any longer here are the games that will be in today’s Gold Box Event.

  • 6 -8am – Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
  • 8 -10am – No More Heroes: Paradise
  • 10 – 1pm – Sonic Free Riders
  • 1 – 3pm – Ace Combat: Assault Horizon
  • 3 – 6pm – Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
  • 6 – 8pm – Puzzler World
  • 8 -10pm – Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

There you have it folks and remember Pacific Standard Time for these deals.  Stay tuned for more deals and as always follow us on Twitter @GamersAbstract and like us on Facebook for more content.


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