DLC Quest Review [XBLIG]

Posted: November 9, 2011 by Tim Utley in Reviews, Xbox Live Indie Game
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The video game industry always seems to be taking itself way to seriously and never attempts to have a moment of relaxation.  Many developers attempt humor with their creations, but only within the context of that specific game; not aiming at a higher target.  Rarely do you see a game do such a thing; maybe one that provides satire for the very industry it inhabits.  DLC Quest is looking to change that about video games and provides a satirical adventure about one the biggest trends/practices in gaming today; that being downloadable content.  The latest game from Going Loud Studios pokes fun at the industry in a way that shouldn’t be construed as anything other than fun humor and answers the question; “What do you do when DLC goes too far?”

DLC Quest sets you upon an age old adventure to save the Princess, but one that can only be advanced through the purchasing of in-game DLC; don’t worry, the game doesn’t actually have “DLC” and will be sure to remind you of that.  All the DLC in the game is purchased with in-game coins.  The DLC you purchase within DLC Quest is almost as absurd as some DLC you purchase for your retail games.  For example the ability to walk, pause the game and double jump are featured as DLC alongside other things that come standard in most games.  The satire in this game is quite thick, but you don’t get sick of it.  I found myself consistently laughing throughout the game’s short adventure.  Everything from the variety of DLC to the NPC interactions have charm and even pay homage to real pieces of DLC (i.e. The Horse Armor pack for Oblivion).  The game also manages to poke fun at achievements with their own brand called “Awardments”.  These are given out for finishing certain objectives in the game just like their retail counterparts.  Another great thing about this game is that it is only a $1 (80 MSP) and like all XBLIG has a trial version available for your previewing pleasure, but let’s move on to how this game performs and looks.

Gotta get that Double Jump DLC, dawg!!!

The game has a retro art style (16-bit flavor) that is hard not to love especially if you are into retro games like me.  Great music and sound effects also bring me back to the good old days.  The game has tight controls and simple platforming mechanics that make this game accessible to just about anyone.  Traversing the game’s colorful world is fluid and fun.  The 16-bit slaughtering of sheep was also a nice bonus if I do say so myself.  While the game isn’t terribly long (I believe I finished it in about an hour) it definitely falls into the quality over quantity field of judgment.  You will enjoy every minute you spend with DLC Quest and once you are done you can clear your data and take it for another spin (like I did a few times already).  This game is extremely polished and it shows through every facet of its design.  DLC Quest is far and away one of the best Xbox Live Indie Games I have ever played and is something you should definitely experience.  Kudos to Going Loud Studios on this title and hopefully we can see a sequel sometime in the near future.

DLC Quest was purchased by me for $1 (80 MSP) and I have invested over 4 hours into the game through multiple play-throughs.  It is available for purchase in the XBLIG section of the Games Marketplace on Xbox Live.

  1. Oh I wanna play the shit out of this

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