A Theory on why Link doesn’t speak

Posted: November 29, 2011 by Tim Utley in Cool Shit, Editorials
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The Legend of Zelda has always been a series that has never had voice dialogue.  Some folks on the internet speculate that it is tradition to not have it, that it would ruin the game, or sometimes even a combination of the two form one’s argument.  Others will say that Link is a stoic hero or the strong silent type and that he need not speak because his actions speak volumes of their own (so cliché, but applicable).  Granted up until Ocarina of Time voice dialogue wouldn’t have been an option anyways because of hardware/software limitations, but I have a theory as to why Link doesn’t speak and I’d like to share it with you.

"Huut, huut, waaah, wwahah, HYAAH" Using Google Translate that means "Hi I am Link, would you like a cup of tea?"

It has been over a decade since Link has entered 3D space and for over ten years you have been rewarded for somersaulting into shit.  I’m about 10 hours into Skyward Sword and have probably rolled into more shit for a rupee than Wilt Chamberlain has banged chicks (THAT’S A LOT OF ROLLING FOLKS).  Link can be the strong silent type that we all think he is; I just think the poor guy has some serious brain damage.  His cerebral functions have been ravaged for years and the only discernible sounds we get out of him are Neanderthalic grunts and “HYAAHS”.  Besides rolling into various things, the dude has been tucking and rolling off of 20 foot ledges for just as long.  Why?  Why does the game design force us to maim our valiant hero?  Who knows, but our beloved Link is more or less a functional retard, but I still love him and boy can he wield a mean sword.

So strong, so silent, the ladies go crazy for him, one in particular, HIZAHH!!!

Tradition, Personality, or brain damage are all plausible options for the silent treatment from one of gaming’s most notable heroes, but will we truly ever know?  I’m guessing not, but dialogue aside Link will continue to persevere through any obstacle that is thrown at him, unless it’s a spelling bee, then he is fucked.

The most "animated" version of Link, stil not a peep

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  2. Steve says:

    From what I have heard, the only thing Link has ever said “Come on!” In WindWaker.

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