A Bi-Polar Relationship: Skyward Sword and I

Posted: December 5, 2011 by Tim Utley in Editorials
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I am not a self-proclaimed Zelda fanatic, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy what the franchise has to offer.  I have dabbled in almost every entry in the famed Nintendo series, including the newest one; Skyward Sword.  I can’t explain my relationship with this game being anything short of bi-polar.  I am either completely enamored with a session or find myself exploring vast amounts of tedium that makes me almost not want to push forward with the game.  I don’t know why I feel this way, I just do.

Through my 20+ hours that I have invested into Skyward Sword I have seen and done many things that I have truly enjoyed and conversely haven’t enjoyed.  A small but present pet peeve with Skyward Sword is the constant recalibration of the Wii Motion Plus.  I have had to recalibrate my controller at least 30 times per session (I could even be low balling it).  I understand why it was used and how it is supposed to be incorporated into the gameplay, but it seems like none of the issues with it were resolved prior to the game’s release.  Alright so the controls can be awful at times, but I have other issues with the game.

Since when did completing a simple task turn into an outline for a doctoral dissertation?  Maybe I have become so disconnected with the series that I forgot how these games actually work.  There are so many mini objectives that must be completed before you can even see a glimpse of progress and it really hurts the game’s pacing.  I for one do not enjoy undertaking menial tasks to complete what should be a simple objective.  Some of the design choices when it comes to mission structure baffle me and feel like they are included just to add length, but not necessarily add depth.  Those parts of the game are extremely frustrating to the core, but thankfully not everything is like that.

Some missions that at first glance had me shaking my head were quickly converted into enjoyable experiences.  The earliest instance of this was when you are tasked with finding your missing Loftwing.  This had originally elicited less than favorable emotions, but shortly after the mission started I realized that there were dual purposes.  Yes, one was to find Link’s missing Loftwing, but a subtle second was to better familiarize you with the controls (which do take some getting used to), Skyloft and its inhabitants.  My enthusiasm regarding Skyward Sword is very delicate and clings onto this pendulum that constantly swings me back and forth.  I have yet to establish a happy medium within the confines of this game and maybe it will never happen, but I will see this adventure through to the end.

My time with Skyward Sword is far from over and colleagues of mine tell me that my future travels within the Skyward-verse are going to be a more fruitful endeavor; here’s to hoping.  Are you enjoying Skyward Sword immensely and just think I’m crazy?  Or are you experiencing similar conflicts with your time with the game?  Sound off in the comments section and as always you can follow us on Twitter @GamersAbstract and like us on Facebook for more content.

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