“New” Tony Hawk game announced at VGAs

Posted: December 11, 2011 by Tim Utley in Game Trailer, News and Updates
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The VGAs were last night on Spike TV and while lots of things were announced and previewed, one thing in particular captured my attention (and not for the right reasons).  The newest Tony Hawk game was announced entitled “Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD” and it is an HD remake that will have levels from the first two THPS games.  It will be available as a digital download and will reportedly cost less than $20 (I hope so).  The teaser trailer showed off one of the iconic THPS levels “Warehouse” and probably how the final product will look and play.  This is all fine and dandy, but after all this time this is Activision’s answer to Skate?  Maybe not answer, but when the Tony Hawk team went back to the “drawing board” this was the best they could come up with?  You attempt to rehash a game, which for all intents and purposes already exists.  THPS HD came out ten years ago people, it was called Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2X for the original Xbox and by the sounds of it this game will not even have as much content as 2X.  It is going to have “select” levels from the first two titles whereas 2X had every level from the first two games plus five additional/new ones.  I’m sorry this game already sounds like a joke to me.  Some things are better left alone and the Tony Hawk franchise falls into that category.  The abominations that were Ride and Shred were the proverbial nails in the coffin for the series and trying to resurrect it with this half ass effort is a slap in the face to what was once a great franchise.

What do you think about this effort from Activision?  Do you think it will perform well or will the series fall of the board again and fall flat on its face?  Sound off in the comments section and let us know what you think.  As always you can follow us on Twitter @GamersAbstract and like us on Facebook for more content.

[Go buy THPS 2X and save yourself some money and hard drive space]

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