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You might be beginning to think that we hate Nintendo here at TGA.  Trust me, that isn’t the case and this article is of genuine interest and concern.  The idea for this article actually spawned out of a video game discussion forum that I moderate.  One of my good friends and contributors was wondering “What happened to F-Zero on the Wii?” and that got me thinking about other potential franchises Nintendo had neglected on the Wii.  The best-selling console that Nintendo has ever had also was missing three of their more well-known franchises.  F-Zero, Wave Race and Star Fox did not have Wii iterations (VC doesn’t count, sorry).  After almost 5 years you would have thought that Nintendo would have dipped their feet in every franchise pool, but I guess it just wasn’t in the cards and begs the question; why these franchises and not others?

This is as close to a Wii version of these games we will probably see *Sigh*

The three aforementioned franchises are certainly not Nintendo’s biggest hitters, but to not have any presence is a bit unsettling.  Nintendo surely could have pleased the fans of these franchises with at least one title per and maybe more depending on reception.  To simply skip over them is very un-Nintendo like in my eyes as they, more so than most companies rely heavily on their first party titles.  F-Zero, Wave Race, and Star Fox could have had killer titles created and probably utilized the Wii’s control scheme super effectively; maybe even better than some things that were made.  So why did these games never come to fruition?  I speculated that maybe the Gamecube versions of these games were suppose to hold fans over for 10 years.  A more likely scenario is not enough time, money or interest in the titles. These could all be possible answers and maybe just maybe we will get an answer one day.

With that being said Nintendo has solid franchises and needs to allocate development time to all of them properly and maybe make less Mario sports games.  I’m sorry, every minute spent developing the Mario sports games could have been consolidated into making a really amazing F-Zero, Wave Race, or Star Fox title instead of making a bunch of really mediocre Mario games, because that is all they really were folks.  Would you be willing to trade a little less exploitation of the Mario property to gain titles from three other franchises?  I sure as hell would.  With that little rant aside, Nintendo is hopefully more poised to churn out a complete lineup on the Wii U and not skip over beloved franchises such as the ones mentioned.

What do you think of this act of negligence on Nintendo’s behalf?  Was it an act of negligence to you or a warranted maneuver?  Is it okay that these franchises we skipped over?  Are there any other major titles not given the Wii treatment that we missed?  Sound off in the comments section and let us know how you feel about this because we would like to know.  As always you can follow us on Twitter @GamersAbstract and like us on Facebook for more content.