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During my morning coffee and internet perusing I came across an interesting article on Kotaku that speaks of a rumored Sony Smash Bros clone project called “Title Fight” from developer SuperBot Entertainment.  I sometimes read things and don’t feel compelled to share, but this isn’t one of those times.  The implications behind this game are huge and if done right would give Nintendo’s super popular crossover fighting franchise a run for its money.  In the article on Kotaku they talked about a few characters that have been rumored to already be in the game such as Nathan Drake from Uncharted, Colonel Radec from Killzone, Kratos from God of War and a few others.  One concern that was made known in the comments of this article was whether or not Sony had a large enough first party roster to properly fill out a fighting game of this magnitude?  This got me thinking and when I get to thinking I like to make lists, so here is a list for you of every Sony character I could think of from their first party titles.

Possible “Title Fight” Roster

  • Nathan Drake – Uncharted
  • Victor Sullivan – Uncharted
  • Cole – inFamous
  • Sly Cooper – Sly Cooper
  • Jak – Jak and Daxter
  • Daxter – Jak and Daxter
  • Rachet – Rachet and Clank
  • Clank – Ratchet and Clank
  • Nathan Hale – Resistance
  • Sweet Tooth – Twisted Metal
  • Kratos – God of War
  • A Modder – ModNation Racers
  • Sackboy – Little Big Planet
  • Ico – Ico
  • Wander – Shadow of the Colossus
  • Colonel Radec – Killzone
  • A Seal – SOCOM
  • Parappa the Rappa – Parappa the Rappa
  • Fat Princess – Fat Princess
  • and probably many more

I made this list off the cuff and from what was on Kotaku.  I also more than likely forgot a bunch, so that is where you the readers enter the equation.  Sound off in the comments section below to add any additional people we have missed and what you think of this ambitious title from Sony and whether or not you think it can compete with Smash Bros.  As always you can follow us on Twitter @GamersAbstract and like us on Facebook for more content.

[Thanks to Kotaku for the article inspiration and Image above]