Find a Gamer

We are always trying to expand the features we offer here at TGA and Find a Gamer is hopefully a tool that our community of readers can use to expand their own networks.

The Mission of Find a Gamer:

  • Find people playing the games that you play
  • Maybe explore a game that your other friends stopped playing with someone new
  • Expand your network of Gamers
  • Maybe even forge new friendships between Gamers and others alike


What you can do to participate and network with others:

  • The comment section is where things need to be posted for clarification
  • Post your @Twitter name
  • Post your Xbox Live Gamertag
  • Post your Playstation Network name
  • Post up what games your are currently playing (mention platform too)
  • Post up games that you wish you could play more, but lack team members if you will
  • Post up when you play games primarily (are you a morning gamer, afternoon, nighttime, super late gamer)
  • Don’t post any information that you don’t feel comfortable sharing with our entire community (so omit your real name if you so choose, don’t release sensitive information on here)
  • If you do make a connection with another gamer and want to share more information, exchange it through email
  • No offensive material will be tolerated

We here at TGA hope this feature blossoms into a tool that everyone can utilize effectively and safely.  So start networking and more importantly go play some games.


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