Community Corner

Welcome to TGA and the Community Corner.  This part of the site grants you the reader an opportunity to reach out to our other readers and TGA staff.

Some things you can do in the Community Corner:

  • Strike up a debate about anything gaming related (for now at least)
  • Talk about what games you are playing (whether you like them or not)
  • Talk about what you are excited for
  • Offer suggestions for new features or for articles
  • Comment on what you think of our Articles (or on the Article page, either or works)
  • And so much more…

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Keep your thoughts clean (no offensive material will be allowed or tolerated)
  • Be creative and have fun within our community
  • Keep your arguments intelligent (keep lambasting to a minimum)
  • Don’t start a debate and not follow up on it (respond to others in a timely manner)
  • Everything you wish to talk about must be submitted into the comments section (for now)

We hope this new feature will grant you greater access to us and our other readers.  So please utilize this new feature and keep the aforementioned material in mind and most of all have fun interacting with one another.  Hope to hear some great stuff soon.


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