The Future

Most people have an idea about what the want to do with their respective lives.  I am not much different from those other people.  For those who know me could tell you what I want to to do for the rest of my life.  I want to work in the videogame industry.  Videogames are a huge part of my life and have been for longer than I care to admit.  I have been on the consumer side for far too long.  I have been partaking in this phenomenal sector of consumerism, but not with having said once or twice, “I think i could do better”, but knowing immediately that I am completely incapable of creating anything by myself.

I do not possess advanced computer skills such as programming, modeling, rendering, and any other kind of “ing” that the industry necessitates, but what i do have is an unquestionable passion for videogames.  Some will say (including some job postings) that I am not qualified to work in the videogame industry.  My qualitative talents are not equitable enough for their organization.  I, like many others are just looking for an opportunity.  No one is entitled to anything in this life, whatever you want you have to work for it.  If I was even given the slightest opportunity to work in this industry that I love so much I would make it work no matter the challenges that were laid before me.

The industry has such a broad scope of opportunities.  Someone such as myself could do any number of things to feel fulfilled with life.  I enjoy writing and discussing videogames, maybe videogame journalism is in my future.  This blog serves as a creative outlet, but is also something that I feel showcases my writing ability and style, as well as my knowledge on the topic.  I see these major videogame journalism outlets and what these talented individuals get to do and it gives me the motivation to one day be at that level of success and utility.

The future will only hold for me what I am willing to do.  I can work a slew of bullshit jobs to sustain a meager existence or I can reach for greatness.  I choose greatness, because that is what we all strive for, but most fail.  Wish me luck in my journey to fulfill a meaningful life.


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