Deal Hunter

Regardless of the state of our economy we all like saving money, right?  Well our newest feature here at TGA will hopefully accomplish just that.  As our website is currently not state of the art like some others we will use our comments section to make your deal hunting dreams come true.  So in order for us to assist you on such a mission we will ask you to do the following before we take the reins.

  • State what game you are looking for
  • State what system you want it for
  • State what your desired buying price is (for example say I want to play less than $20)
  • State whether you want it in new or used condition or doesn’t matter
  • Tell us how you want to be contacted, either through email, Twitter or just a response in our comments section
  • Once you post we will try our hardest as a team to find you a good deal on what you are looking for or maybe a community member will beat us to it or find a better deal, the opportunities are endless folks

Like I said before it is not the most robust deal finding tool, but we want to expand your TGA experience to the fullest, so let the deal hunting begin.

  1. Tim Utley says:

    I figured I’d kick off the Deal Hunter thread by requesting a hunt for a cheap copy of Yakuza 4 for the PS3, I am looking to pay sub $20 w/ shipping and any applicable taxes, thanks

  2. Tim Utley says:

    Rayman Origins for Xbox 360 new or used sub $30, game looks amazing, still want it on the cheap though

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