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Nintendo had big shoes to fill at this E3. All eyes were looking to Nintendo and what the Wii U was going to bring to the table. Most of the conference was spent on Wii U with 23 titles shown during the conference and little of 3DS as well. Let’s get down to business and see if Nintendo hit a home run this year at E3.



With E3 beginning in just a few short hours we here at The Gamer’s Abstract would like to throw out some predictions for the major press conferences. Alongside those predictions will be stuff that is most anticipated and the biggest shocker announcement of E3. This will be written in the order of the press conferences themselves.

You will see the big heavy hitter first party titles here. Expect to see some new clips involving Epic Games new Gears of War title, and also more in depth with Halo 4. Microsoft will want to reinforce why gamers choose Xbox 360 above all else with the strength of their first party IP’s and how they have exclusive content first to the market. Microsoft will remind users that Xbox is the only place to get Call of Duty content first on the market and show some gameplay footage from Black Ops 2. Look to Microsoft to have a dedicated time slot to just showing off the Kinect. As always this might include a bunch of kids or adults doing silly things on stage in their 2 minutes of fame. Xbox 360 seems to want to become more and more integrated for being the only media device one might need for a household (cable, dvd, bing, ESPN, etc.) . It will come as no shock to see that Microsoft will announce further integration with the mobile market and moving more into a cloud based system. Microsoft wants to be like Apple in that all their devices will talk and communicate with one another.  I do not anticipate that there will be any announcement or buzz for the new Xbox and will be absent from E3 until next year.

Sony may never outsell Microsoft but they do gain more and more ground with their IP’s each year. Look for videos of the new Assassin’s Creed, Sly Cooper  4, The Last of Us, The Last Guardian, God of War: Ascension, and the newly announced All Star Battle Royal. The Last of Us and All Star Battle Royal will be the highlight of the unreleased games during the press conference. The big push will not only reinforce why gamers choose the wide variety of exclusive games on the PS3 but will also focus on the Vita. Vita sales are less than what Sony would like them to be and gamers need a reason to go out and buy a Vita. I would recommend that Sony get Kevin Butler to do this segment as if anyone could get people pumped about buying anything gamer related it would be him. Expect Kevin to make an appearance at the conference and just like his appearance in 2010 people to be hanging on his every word. Vita will be seeing a price drop due to lackluster sales in the range of $50-$100. PS Move seems to be something that didn’t and still hasn’t caught on. Move will be mentioned but not to very much extent. Sony has been rumored in doing a strictly streaming based form of gaming sort of like onlive, I expect to see more details announced as to what exactly is in the works. With the PS3 still strong and the Vita in need of more sales it would not be smart for Sony to announce a new system at E3. I do not expect that this will be in the arsenal for Sony

All eyes are on the Big N this conference with buzz and hype all centered on Wii U. The name is here to stay as recent pictures of the tablet controller have the Wii U branded logo all over it. People want to know what it is, what the intended way to play this new system is, and what the recently leaked Rayman Legends trailer with Wii U means. (For those of you who do not know there was a trailer that showed putting action figures on the Wii U tablet controller and being recognized on the screen as an item, possibly game, or character. ) Consumers will see a release date of Early 2013 and no price point yet. There will be announced 1st and 3rd party games for the system possibly in the realm of Metroid, Mario, and Super Smash and how these games will work with the new tablet controller. Pikmin 3 along with the New Super Mario Bros 2 and the popular upcoming 3DS titles like Paper Mario and Luigi’s Mansion 2. And last as always we will be graced by the wonderful and charismatic personality of Reggie Fils-Aime. Who always manages to bore and annoy the crap out of me every E3 press conference.

With Predictions also comes the most anticipated already expected stuff that here at The Gamer’s Abstract are itching to know more about or can’t wait to see. Below is a list of what we here at TGA will be looking out for. Those things would be:

Castlevania DS and Lords of Shadows
Wii U (We want to know wtf this thing is)
Kevin Butler as always makes a great addition
Paper Mario and Luigi’s Mansion 2
Bioshock infinite
Resident Evil 6
Tomb Raider
Assassin’s Creed 3

The biggest shocker prediction to hit E3:

Valve will finally man up and announce Half-Life 3
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Technology is improving and developers are innovating faster than people could have dreamed a decade ago, and I’m right up there with my fellow gamers giving a standing ovation. But there’s something else I’ve noticed that is possibly changing as fast or faster and that is audience expectation.

We’ve all heard complaints in reviews or played games where a lack of change from one installment to the next killed the experience, or too drastic a change did just the same. It’s a fine line when making a sequel (or prequel, reboot, side story, parallel universe, etc.) The ideas behind the shifts are usually exciting but the execution so far has been mixed at best. If every idea had the pizzazz and success of a Mario title (Galaxy, Paper, Sunshine) we could all rest easy. But for every Starfox 64 there’s a Sonic Unleashed (cheap shot, I know. But tell me I’m wrong.)

And yet every year developers feel more pressured and we get more restless (I do anyway.) More often than not I’d say they do quite well for themselves (Metroid Prime series, every Zelda title.) It’s even more [pleasantly] surprising when they just bring a game back to what made it great so many years before (DK, Kirby, Sonic 4, Rayman.)

And yet from fans to paid reviewers I’ve never heard such a massive outcry for innovation from one game to the next as I have lately. I was recently privy to an argument where I could barely believe how heated people got debating whether or not Skyward Sword would be worth playing or whether it was too stale to waste one’s time on. There was borderline vehemence from some toward the topic (and each other.) It was all pretty ridiculous considering that Nintendo has never dropped the ball in 25 years of Zelda games, but there it was.

Equally surprising were two mentions I saw in Game Pro magazine. It was actually asked if Halo (5 main games, one RTS mind you) would jump the shark (their words) with Halo 4. The other I almost think was a joke. They said that the next God Of War should exclude 4 things: needless puzzles (fine, but they didn’t explain any further,) Kratos’ blind rage at Zeus (the impetus for 2 & 3, irrelevant since Zeus is dead, but still a large part of our unfriendly Ghost,) larger and larger bosses and gameplay segments (some of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen done in any medium; yeah, let’s just throw those out,) and Greek gods (……………)

Needless to say I take little or no stock in Game Pro anymore.

By the time you read this most of you will have had some time with Skyward Sword. Whether you think a new world, characters and gameplay would be a more welcome sight or you get dizzy every time you think you see a Triforce in a news update, chances are you’ve enjoyed it. And that’s what’s important: enjoying games. Unless you’re easily bored or impossibly hard to please you know a good game when you see one and will play it without hesitation, even if you know those characters better than your family. So stop whining and play!